Install an off-grid solar system in Lovell, Bridgton & Fryeburg, ME

Relying on fossil fuels means you have to deal with rising energy bills. If you want to get off the grid when it comes to your energy system, turn to Mo's Electric and Solar. We can install off-grid solar systems to residents of Lovell, Bridgton & Fryeburg, ME and the surrounding area.

Your system will be fully independent and include a battery that can charge everything in the home. We'll even customize it to meet your needs and budget. Schedule an appointment with our solar electrician today to install your system.

What is an off-grid system composed of?

An off-grid solar system is easy to install, especially if you live far away from utility poles. However, it still requires a lot of equipment. Your off-grid solar system will be composed of solar:

  • Panels
  • Batteries
  • Inverters
  • Charge controllers
You can also add to your system down the road to meet your changing needs. Talk to our solar electrician today to get started.