Get a battery backup system in Lovell, Bridgton & Fryeburg, ME

Nobody likes dealing with power outages. Thankfully, you can avoid this by getting a battery backup system with Mo's Electric and Solar in Lovell, Bridgton & Fryeburg, ME. This will be connected to your solar energy system to create a reliable backup power source.

When your battery is charged, it'll even send power back to the grid to reduce your power usage and help you save on energy bills. In fact, the cost of installing a battery backup system is usually gained back in savings after about eight years. To learn more about how you can save money with solar, contact us today.

What to consider when shopping for your battery

To save money with solar, you need to make some important decisions - this includes choosing the right battery system. When shopping for your battery, make sure you consider its:

  • Capacity
  • Life span
  • Depth of discharge
Not sure which battery system to choose? Talk to our team of experts today. You'll also get up to a 10 year warranty on your system to get peace of mind.